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Culinary Harvest is an online farmer's market. Please make sure you're close enough in the area to be able to pick up your order.

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Welcome! Please feel free to shop our market and add items to your cart. Checkout is available from 9AM Sunday to Tuesday at noon. Order pick-up is every Friday in Wayne, PA and every other Saturday in Avalon, NJ.

Pizza Night

There is almost nothing we love more than a great pizza night. With these products you'll have all you need to create your own perfect pizza! Click here to see how Carlo crafts the classic plain pie and how his brother-in-law whips up a veggie flatbread.
Luciano's Pizza CO.

Classic Cheese Pizza

First Field

Crushed Tomatoes

First Field

Pizza Sauce

Kastania & Threpsi

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Organic

Kastania & Threpsi

Messino Balsamic Cream

Burlap & Barrel

Silk Chili Flakes

Burlap & Barrel

Robusta Black Peppercorns