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Sun Noodle Ramen Kit Recipes

We love the ramen kits from Sun Noodle!  Our co-founder and chef, Sam Kennedy, takes his kits to the next level and wanted to share his favorite additions:

Scallions and Fresh Herbs

Chopped scallions, especially the green parts, or fresh herbs, such as cilantro, would be especially good on top of your noodles.


Sautéed Vegetables

Leafy greens like bok choy or kale are great sauteed with some Burlap and Barrel Urfa Chili and Salt in olive oil. Slice your favorite mushrooms and sautée them until they are crispy in canola oil, season with salt and pepper.


Eggs Two Ways

For soft boiled eggs, boil eggs gently for 6 minutes 30 seconds then immediately plunge into an ice bath until completely cool. Peel under running water for an easier way to remove the shells.

For crispy fried eggs, crack the egg over hot oil in a skillet on high heat. Cook until the edges are crispy, spooning oil over the whites to help them cook through.

Burlap & Barrel

Black Urfa Chili

Alderfer Eggs

Cage-Free Large Brown Eggs


Green Kale

Kennett Square Specialties

Cremini Mushroom