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Caputo Brothers Creamery


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The Caputo Brother's team of well-trained cheesemakers stretch the naturally fermented curds by hand and then place the cheese in a tubular form to keep the traditional shape.  Once cooled, the cheese is placed in brine and hung in the aging cave for 30-45 days. The aging process removes excess moisture, resulting in a smooth, firm consistency and a creamy, slightly tangy flavor. Slice it for a cheeseboard with spicy cured meats, or add to a sandwich!  This cheese will please every guest with its approachability and easy finish.

Size: about 8oz

Allergen: Dairy 

About Caputo Brothers Creamery: A family-owned cheese business located in the heart of the Central Pennsylvania dairy region, Caputo produces the United States’ best Italian cheeses that renowned chefs and restaurants have purchased for a decade. Get a true taste of Italy right in your own home with their fresh mozzarella, whey ricotta, and aged cheeses!


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