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The Chai Bar

Aprajita - Butterfly Blue Brew

Beverages Breakfast Tea Women Owned

This blend is all about women. Being a woman-owned small business, they wanted to bring this brew on board The Chai Bar Blends. Aprajita means power to the woman or undefeated woman. It is inspired by The Goddess "Devi's" undefeated strength in feminity. The blend is made using the flower petals of the plant known as Clitoria ternatea. Also known as butterfly blue tea flower, blue pea flower, or Asian pigeonwings. While blue pea tea might be trending in the western world right now, in South Asian culture, this tea has been prized for centuries for its agricultural and medical applications. Apart from its beautiful blue color and medicinal value, this tea is unique because of its fascinating color-changing ability. When the petals are infused in hot water, the flower lends a stunning, rich blue color. Squeeze in lemon, and the tea turns lavender; these mystical color changes are all science; lemon slices cause the tea to become more acidic, changing the pH level resulting in a purplish hue.


Taste: Head Notes: grassy; Body Notes: woody and earthy; Tail Notes: crisp, fresh, dry. 

Ingredients: Green Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Star Anise, Rose Petals

Size: 2oz (35-40 cups)

Note: Brew instructions on each package

About The Chair Bar: This woman-owned business is so much more than the taste, aroma, & flavor - it goes beyond with The Chai Impact. Tea can create better lives – for tea workers, smallholder tea farmers and tea drinkers. The Chai Bar emphasize valuing tea workers and smallholder farmers' human rights and working to improve their health and financial security while protecting and nurturing the land they work on.