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Rosemary Soap - Gallon Refill

Health & Home Soaps

You may ask yourself, “Is this vinegar?” No. No it is not. We also make soap! We have many friends: cattle farmers, butcher shops. They have too much beef tallow! We like to close open loops, so we take their tallow and turn it into soap. Lightly scented with rosemary. Strong cleaning power from the tallow, moisturizing balance from the sunflower oil.

The tallow used in all of our soap is from fully pastured, grass-fed, and local cows. The sunflower oil is from Susquehanna Mills.

You may also want to know - is the soap greasy? It’s a natural question. It is not greasy. All soap is made of some kind of fat, and most of the soap out there is made with at least some animal fat - it’s difficult to know because ingredient disclosure is not required.

Size: 1 gallon