Bittersweet, but true – our final pickup day will be Friday, November 18th. All Thanksgiving preorders will be available for pick-up on Tuesday, November 22nd.

Thank you for your support over the last two years!

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Our curbside location in Wayne is now closed. Thank you for your support over the last two years!

Little Miss Moffitt

Double Trouble PB Choco Chip Cookie

Bakery Cookies Desserts New Pastries

Enter chocolate’s partner in crime. For that person who has a major obsession with all things peanut butter and chocolate…and it’s OK if that person is you…these chewy, peanut butter cookies are LOADED with chocolate chips and candy coated peanut butter pieces.

Ingredients: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Flour, Peanut Butter, Butter, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Candy Coasted Peanut Butter, Egg, Baking Soda

Contains: Milk, wheat, soy, egg, peanut 

About Little Miss Moffitt: Are you too busy to bake, but you promised you would bring dessert? Do you hate to bake, but you know your college student could use a care package? This is the homemade, individually-wrapped answer you've been searching for! Karen Moffitt believes that baking is one of the best ways to show how much you care for your loved ones. These baked goods are made with all of the love and wholesome ingredients that you would include in your own recipes.