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Caputo Brothers Creamery

Fior di Pizza

Cheese Fresh Cheese Pizza Night

Ever gone out of your way to make the perfect at home pizza, only to have it covered in runny, watery cheese that doesn't seem to melt right? Not anymore, thanks to the Caputo Brothers Creamery!

Just like with their fresh mozzarella, fior di pizza is stretched using their naturally fermented curds.  This cheese is stretched by the hands of well trained cheesemakers to remove as much excess moisture as possible, so that your pizza doesn’t end up looking like a big ol’ pool of water.

Size: about 8oz

Allergen: Dairy

About Caputo Brothers: A family-owned cheese business located in the heart of the Central Pennsylvania dairy region, Caputo produces the United States’ best Italian cheeses that renowned chefs and restaurants have purchased for a decade. Get a true taste of Italy right in your own home with their fresh mozzarella, whey ricotta, and aged cheeses!