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The Farm at Doe Run

Hummingbird - Award Winning!

Award Winning Bloomy Rind Cheese New

This version of an Italian Robiola has a flavor that ranges from a light, citrus fresh flavor at it’s younger age to a delectable dollop of sweet unctuous cream in weeks 6-8 of aging. Hummingbird has a light, delicate rind cheese (delicate just like the beautiful Hummingbirds found in nature) & is a true embodiment of seasonal pasture-raised milk from the farm.

2nd place, Soft Ripened Cheese, 2020 PA Cheese Competition

Size: about 5oz

Allergen: Dairy 

About The Farm at Doe Run: The Farm at Doe Run is based on the philosophy of simple sustainable farming. Their state, national and international award winning creamery team lead by two talented cheesemakers, (our very own) Samuel Kennedy and Matthew Hettlinger work to produce creative, quality farmstead cheeses in beautiful Chester County, Pa. They receive all of their milk on-site from their three milking herds. They take great pride in their products to reflect the bounty of the seasons, while being true stewards of the land.