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Jasmine Lime Green Tea - Organic

Beverages Organic Sale Tea Vegan Vegetarian

Sick and tired of green tea that is meek and mild, weak and wimpy? Welcome to bold. Welcome to sassy. "Jazz" as she is affectionately called, has a whisper of jasmine, which is subtle, and 8% real lime which ummm, isn't. Wake up your taste buds! She's sure to be your favorite.

Size: 14 oz bottle or case of 12 bottles

About Humankind:  The kindHuman Foundation is a non-profit that is set up specifically to fund clean water projects. It's simple: You get something awesome, and you give something amazing. By buying a refreshing, delicious beverage, you're automatically helping end the world's water crisis by donating funds directly to clean water projects. Since Humankind started, over 135,000 people have been given access to clean drinking water.