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Amwell Valley Organic Grains

Farmer Steve's Microwave Popcorn - Organic

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“Farmer Steve’s Microwave Popcorn” is lightly salted with a natural mineral salt and has no oil added. Absolutely no partially hydrogenated oils. You can eat a whole bag of popcorn without your fingers changing color or getting greasy. Each microwave popcorn box is colorful and contains three bags that are easy to take to work for a snack and make great gifts.

One bag makes about 10 cups of popcorn. Fresh popcorn is better than the kind that’s been in the bin or on the shelf a long time.

Size: 1 box containing 3 bags 

About Amwell Farms: They are a small family farm in the fertile Amwell Valley. Farmer Steve is now semi-retired from the field, but continues to supply the freshest premium quality blend of organic popcorn available from U.S. certified-organic family farms.

Producing food from the land using organic methods is a challenging task, but farming this way produces quality food, preserves soil, protects water quality, and creates a sustainable agriculture for the future.

When you purchase products grown by U.S. certified-organic farmers, you help preserve farmland, open space, and the environment for future generations.


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