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Morganics Family Farm

Organic Oatmeal

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This oatmeal goes right from oat to the roller mill, no parboiling or flaking in between. The result is a distinctly oat-y flavor, super creamy and slightly sweet. This is your grandmother's oatmeal.

Size: 1lb bag

About Morganics Family Farm:  The goal of Morganics is to provide top quality product, grown in organic soil and sun dried to perfection. Morganics Family Farm is the active synergy of Scott, the farmer, and his wife Alison, an acupuncturist and herbalist. Scott and Alison believe that healthy living is a continuum that involves our environment and our interaction within it.  By maintaining healthy soils and a balanced ecosystem, Morganics is able to produce nutrient dense, flavorful foods to feed our body, minds and spirits.

Oatmeal Recipe 
1c Morganics Rolled Oats
1.5c milk (or substitute, I use oat milk!)
pinch of salt
2T Whiskey Hollow Maple Syrup
1T butter

 Add the oats, milk, and salt to a sauce pot and bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring the bottom occasionally with a rubber spatula. When it is simmering, turn the heat to low and cook for another five minutes, still stirring. Add the butter and syrup, mix through, and adjust the texture if you want with a splash of milk.


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