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Amwell Valley Organic Grains

Farmer Steve's "SUPER POP" Popcorn- Organic

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Nutrition Information

 Farmer Steve’s Popcorn, for people who care what they eat.

  • No Partially Hydrogenated Oils
  • No GMO
  • No Oil added, No Fat, High Fiber.

FRESHLY HARVESTED: We know that freshness makes a real difference in flavor and nutrition. When you buy from us, you know it’s the freshest, premium quality available.

 2lb Bag

How To POP IT!

1/2c popcorn

2T full flavor sunflower or neutral oil

Cook time 8min

Put a medium size sauté pan with a tight fitting lid over high heat uncovered just until it starts to smoke. Add the oil and the popcorn. Swirl the pan over the flame so the kernels level out and cover. Keep swirling the pan as the kernels start to pop. When the popping becomes aggressive, turn the heat down to medium and carry on until all the kernels are popped. Remove the lid and sprinkle some salt over top, transfer to a bowl and add a little more fine salt.

For Classic Buttered Popcorn- add 3T of butter to the pan just as the popping starts to get aggressive, sneaking it under the lid.

Let's Get Fancy With It! - add 1T chopped rosemary to the butter and top it off in the bowl with a few cracks of black pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan. For a slightly sour, aromatic flavor bomb, sift some Burlap & Barrel Black Lime Powder on the popcorn along with the salt.


They are a small family farm in the fertile Amwell Valley. Farmer Steve is now semi-retired from the field, but continues to supply the freshest premium quality blend of organic popcorn available from U.S. certified-organic family farms.

Producing food from the land using organic methods is a challenging task, but farming this way produces quality food, preserves soil, protects water quality, and creates a sustainable agriculture for the future.

When you purchase products grown by U.S. certified-organic farmers, you help preserve farmland, open space, and the environment for future generations.


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