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High Street

Tuna Grilling Kits

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6 Tuna & Summer Vegetable Skewers (4oz tuna per person)

Chili-soy glaze Chilled sesame soba noodle salad

White bean-roasted garlic hummus and crostini 

Spicy watermelon and mint salad

Berry Pies (6)


Tuna Skewers-Fresh Tuna, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, & scallion

Noodle Salad- Soba noodles, tahini, salt, sesame oil, soy, scallion, ginger, rice wine vinegar, garlic, soy, malt syrup, sesame oil, red chilis, & rice wine vinegar

Hummus- White beans, roasted garlic, olive oil, tahini, & salt

Crostini- Olive oil & salt

Watermelon Salad- Melon, jalapeno, scallion, mint, rice wine vinegar, honey, shallots & lime

Hand Pies- Butter, spelt flour, ap flour, local berries, sugar, egg


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