Shop & pickup in Wayne, PA on Fridays, or the Jersey Shore (Avalon, NJ) every other Saturday.

Culinary Harvest is an online farmer's market. Please make sure you're close enough in the area to be able to pick up your order.

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Check out now through Tuesday noon for pickup on Friday between 11-6 PM. Pickup is available this week for both Wayne, PA (Friday) and Avalon, NJ (Saturday).

Kolb's Farm Store

Vanilla Milk


This is the freshest milk you can get! It is processed Thursday and delivered to us Friday morning!

Size: quart

Ingredients: Whole Milk, cane sugar, dextrose, natural and artificial flavors carrageenan, caramel color. 

About Kolb's Farm Store (Spring City, PA): Casandra and Bobby Long, both first-generation Dairy Farmers, have embraced the opportunity to bring local, wholesome products to communities across Pennsylvania. They have built a life centered on serving their community and growing the industry they both love so much. With the purchase of Kolb’s Farm Store in 2021, Casandra and Bobby have their own herd and have built their farm and store into a pillar of the local community. They are excited to be partnering with Culinary Harvest to bring their products from the Kolb’s Farm Store family directly to you and yours!