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Worcestershire Sauce


Malt vinegar, aged for months over 100% local, mid-Atlantic versions of all of the traditional ingredients. A little sweet, a little sour, a little dry, and very savory.

Keepwell has been working on this formula for years, and they’re proud to finally present this Worcestershire to you - it’s an excellent combination of the vinegar and the soy sauce fermentations they do!


Ingredients: Malt Vinegar, Soy Sauce Mash, Sorghum Molasses, Apricots, Persimmons, Fermented Oysters, Peppers, Lemons, Spicebush Berries

About Keepwell Vinegar: Founded by Sarah Conezio and Isaiah Billington, both pastry chefs, after realizing there was a significant lack of quality vinegar. All of the vinegar is proudly processed, fermented, and bottled by hand! Keepwell sources 100% of their ingredients from small, local growers – every time. Your purchase is a direct investment in sustainable agriculture and the livelihood of real family farms. This vinegar is the perfect way to elevate all your dishes without adding salt, sugar, or fat. Sam and Carlo love to use Keepwell in their own cooking!